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** Bold Items are new in version 2.1 **
CF Forum Key Features
User features: Administration features:
Some General features.
  • Subscribe to a Forum - choose to receive an email when a new topic is posted, if enabled by admin.
  • Subscribe to Topic - choose to receive an email when a new messages is posted to a topic, if enabled by admin. Subscribed topics can also be viewed in your inbox.
  • Private Messaging - Send private messages to other forum members.
  • Buddy and Ignore Lists - Members can now add other members to their buddy or ignore list.
  • Polling Feature - create polls within discussions.
  • New messages since your last visit are visibly noted for easy identification.
  • Printable version of each discussion makes printing easier.
  • Login feature allows user to gain access to entire forum.
  • Preview or "sneak peak" of discussion is available to Internet Explorer users.
  • Email discussion to friend feature allows you to share interesting discussions with others.
  • View today's active discussions, quickly and easily.
  • View how many times a discussion has been replied to, as well as viewed.
  • Advanced search feature allows quick and easy search capabilities.
  • Easily view profile and posts of other members.
  • View current users that are logged in.
  • Enhanced Forum Statistics - number of members and guests browsing the forum, how many posts since their last visit, etc.
  • Plus more...
Posting messages made easy.
  • File upload feature, if allowed by administrator, allows you to attach files to your message.
  • PseudoHTML Code buttons makes using PseudoHTML code easy.
  • Preview your post before submitting.
  • Edit or delete your own posts.
  • Choose to receive notification when someone replies.
  • If allowed by the administrator, you can use HTML code in your messages.
  • Accent your message with smilies, frowns, etc.
  • Insert color coded HTML/CFML into your messages.
  • Insert images directly into your message with a new pseudoHTML feature.
  • URL's and email addresses are automatically turned into links.
  • Plus more...
Easy Navigation.
  • Navigation is made easy with various easy to access links throughout the forum.
  • Drop down lists are provided to jump to different forums from within a forum or discussion.
  • Easily sort topics by title, member and date.
  • Easily sort each discussion by "first post to last" or "last post to first".
  • Convenient "next discussion" and "previous discussion" links let you move easily between discussions.
  • Long discussions are broken into smaller pages for quicker download and easier readability.
  • Members can minimize forum categories that they do not wish to view everytime on the forum main page.
  • users can bookmark discussions that they wish to keep track of
  • Plus more...
  • Customize how many topics/messages you want displayed at one time.
  • Easily customize your profile.
  • User's can add AIM, ICQ, and Yahoo! Messenger to their profiles.
  • Choose to show or hide your email address.
  • Choose to store your login information for easy access to forum.
  • Plus more...
General Administrative features.
  • Unbelievably easy to set up and to customize.
  • Administrators can now choose between two different main page layouts.
  • Ability to set up unlimited categories and forums.
  • Ability to set Category/Forum Display Order
  • Define unlimited member titles and what number of posts are required to reach that member title.
  • Unlimited choice of colors schemes.
  • No restriction of width/size. Easily conforms to your existing site.
  • Easily replace existing images with personalized images.
  • Easily customize the look and feel to match your existing site.
  • Easily wrap your navigation, tables, etc. around the forum with open source (siteheader.cfm & sitefooter.cfm) templates.
  • Ability to password protect individual discussion groups.
  • Ability to set forums as read only to members, only administrator or moderators can post.
  • Ability to delete single post or entire discussion.
  • Ability to delete multiple discussions based on date and forum.
  • Ability to move discussions to different forum.
  • Ability to lock/unlock discussions to prevent further posts.
  • Ability to set a moderator for each forum.
  • Ability to receive notification when new discussion is posted.
  • Ability to require approval of each new message before display. Administrator must approve message for viewing.
  • Ability to disable HTML in posts.
  • Full control of "bad" words, simply define the words you want to be removed from posts.
  • Administrators can add new members in the admin section.
  • Ability to ban users.
  • Ability to email all members, or moderators/administrators through easy email form.
  • Ability to define the rules and policies of the forum.
  • Easily turn file uploads on or off.
  • Administrators can define acceptable file types for uploads.
  • Administrators can define file attachments size limit
  • Administrators can requires users to login BEFORE viewing any of the forum.
  • Administrators can now shut down the forums and provide a message to users.
  • Administrators and moderators can now set Sticky Note Topics, topics that remain near the topic of a forum.
  • Password generation - Admin chooses how new member passwords are generated, by the forum or by the new member.
  • Enhanced Log in - Admin can choose whether a user uses his/her username or email address to login
  • Custom profile fields - first name, last name, birth date and 5 customizable fields
  • Plus more...
  • Servers supported are Windows NT or Solaris. Other servers have not been officially tested. Please Test with the demo.
  • Must have Cold Fusion Application Server 4.0.1 or higher.
  • MS Access database is provided, but can easily be upsized to MS SQL. mySQL and Oracle databases require modifications to the queries and you will need to be familiar with these database types. All queries are in separate include files for easy modification (open source versions only).
  • Browsers supported are Netscape Navigator 4 and up and Internet Explorer 4 and up
  • It is recommended that you test your server set up with the demo version. Please note that your server must have CF 4.0.1 or higher for the demo and retail version to work properly.
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